• Congratulations to our most recent graduates and Reina Alumnae

    December 14th 2012

    Vanessa 'Esmeralda' Martinez ; Bachelor's of Art Degree: Sociology & Spanish (left)

    Ashley 'Mujer Intocable' Bell; Bachelor's of Art Degree: Sociology (right)




    Congratulations to our Newest Distinguished Ladies


    Leticia "Amarilis" Escamilla


    Lodz "Piedra del Caribe" Pierre






    The Weekend of 11.30.12 we also welcomed our National President, Director of Collegiate Services, Gamma Chapter Founding sisters, and Gamma Chapter Alum for a time of sisterhood and service.



    Carmen Timmerding, National President (second left)

    Christa Wessels, Director of Collegiate Services ( second right)



    Gamma Chapter Founding Sisters, D.E.S.E.O

    Jaqueline Segura (middle)

    Jourdan Coyle (right)